3 Packing Tips for Furniture Removal

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3 Packing Tips for Furniture Removal

When you are moving to a new house, remember these three important tips

Australia has a lot of removal companies because we all love to move so much.

Tip 1

The first thing that you should do when moving is identify the large pieces of furniture right away. Point out to the movers which of your furniture can be disassembled and keep the pieces together or mark each piece with a sticker.  If you know how to take it apart, you should also know how to put it back together properly. If there are nuts and bolts that go with the furniture, seal these away in a plastic bag labeled with the piece of furniture they belong to.  You should also remember to remove drawers from chests as these can slide off while in transit.

Tip 2

As you are moving furniture around, don’t forget to treat each piece with lots of care. Move larger pieces into the truck or van first, so you can get an idea on how to space the storage area properly. Try not to bang any of the furniture into walls or doors while moving them out. When you are moving heavy pieces of furniture, remember to place foam padding or thick plastic underneath so when you slide it along, it doesn’t scratch the floor.

Tip 3

To save your furniture from being scratched and banged while in transit, make sure you cover them with blankets. A refrigerator that needs to be transported should be in an upright position and not tipped sideways for the purpose of easier moving, as this will damage its functionality.  Make it easy on yourself and get a trolley that is specifically intended for carrying this and other large appliances like washing machines.

Make your move to a new home a more enjoyable and stress free experience by following these important tips.

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