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The decision of moving interstate is a big decision. It is influenced by a number of factors and reasons behind it. Whatever the reason for you moving interstate, you are going to come across many hardships and will have to deal with a lot of moving stress. All of this can make moving a nightmare. The key to avoid all of it is planning in advance. Planning should be such that it takes in to account everything which is supposed to be done and leaves no scope for errors. If you prepare in advance, do it carefully, keeping in mind minor details of your move and hire the right interstate removalist, you can avoid the moving day stress and eliminate the risks involved in an interstate move.

The key to having the perfect stress free and comfortable move where everything falls into place and there are no hassles involved is to prepare a moving checklist. Many interstate furniture removalists can help you with this. However, it is up to you to decide which tasks are of top priority and which are the ones you may forget.

A moving checklist will assist your move in the best possible way, simultaneously helping your interstate movers. You can list all your tasks to be done at once, in a single place. You can also keep adding the tasks as you remember for a completely hassle free move and avoid end moment glitches. Instead of trying to remember one task at a time, you can dedicate your time in preparing a moving checklist which includes all the tasks to be done. It also has reference value.

You can refer to your checklist anytime you want so as to make sure that you don’t forget anything. Besides, who does not want a systematic and stress free move? Your checklist is the key.

The possible tasks to include in a moving checklist:

  • Start your process with online research and find out moving company’s offers relocation services including packing, unpacking and storage solutions.
  • Contacting your utility providers and informing them about you moving.
  • Ensuring you get rid of any unwanted junk at your last council clearing day before you move.
  • Settling outstanding bills.
  • Organising packing supplies.
  • Packing all important documents such as passports, cheque books, certificates, family members medical records etc together.
  • Changing your address and notifying concerned people about it.
  • Making a list of goods so as to cross check when they are being unloaded at your new house.
  • Hiring cleaning services to clean your new house before you move in.

Although these may seem like small tasks on moving day, they are easily overlooked . Following a moving checklist on your moving day will ensure that everything is in place. It ensures that you do not forget any important details for your relocation and most importantly the start of your new life commences in a stress free and orderly fashion.

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