Guide to Moving Out of your Parents Home

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Recently, I decided to up sticks from my parents’ house and move to the other side of the country. This had always been the plan following the move back home after university and obviously it was an exciting time but I have to say that I somewhat under estimated the stresses involved in such a move. Here are a few helpful tips from experience that could help you get through what is a frustrating time.


Logistics of Moving Home

The first problem with moving a considerable distance from your original location is the fact that there may be plenty of miles between where you are now and where your potential new home is situated. The internet goes a long way to narrowing this distance but when it comes to actually making an informed decision, there is nothing like being there and seeing it for real. To get around this involves lots of planning. The best thing to do is book yourself into a hotel near your desired location, ideally in walking distance from some of the houses you have earmarked, and then set about ringing round estate agents to arrange viewings. Try to arrange to see as many of your shortlisted properties as you can in one day, remembering to leave a decent amount of time between each to allow you to travel to the next one. This may seem like a tiring process but it will save you time in the future if you don’t have to keep going back and forth between your current and future location.

A Vicious Circle

Some of you who are planning a relocation may have already arranged employment for when you get there. You may be transferring to a different branch of your current job or maybe you are lucky enough to have been headhunted and that is ultimately the reason for the move in the first place. If this isn’t the case, as it wasn’t for me, then you could be facing something that you will find very frustrating. When buying or renting a property, the estate agent obviously needs to know that you can afford the monthly payments. Therefore they will need details of your employment which you don’t yet have. Similarly, when applying for jobs you need to know roughly where you will be living so that you don’t end up with a job that involves a lengthy daily commute. Also, your proposed employer will need to know when you will be available to start work, information that you won’t be able to provide them with until you know when you will be moving to the area.

This quickly becomes a vicious circle in which both acquiring a house and finding a job need the other to occur before they can be finalised. My advice would be to start with the job. Employers are more likely to be flexible than estate agents so explain your problem to them and let them know that if they can confirm you as a potential employee then you will let them know a start date as soon as possible. You can then inform the estate agent of your new employment and subsequently set a date for your move.

The Act of Moving

So you’ve found an exciting new job, a wonderful place to live and are all set on your road to relocation…or are you? Unless you are lucky enough to own a van or know someone who does, there is one more hurdle to overcome: getting your stuff from A to B. This can often be the most stressful part of the moving process. You have already gone through the pain staking task of packing everything you own into boxes, making sure all your valuables are safely wrapped and that every box is neatly labelled to save time at the other end and now you have to squeeze them all into your family car. It’s not going to happen.

Even the most spacious of modern day cars will not harbour enough room for your whole life in box form. This is where removal companies can really take the stress away from your moving day. Watching somebody else do all the hard work is a lot less tiresome than doing it yourself and a lot more time saving. A good removal company can really make this exciting but unnerving time in your life go much smoother.

Chris Mayhew recently moved home, and shares his experience

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