The Advantages of Using A Storage Container when moving

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Portable storage containers are perfect for when you have a large amount of stuff to move but need somewhere to put it between point A and point B (point A and a half?) You can order one up and have delivered to your driveway or the back of your house, meaning you can load it up as you go rather than having the mad dash to get everything into the removal van that most house moves seem to involve.

Some even use them long term, as a cheaper alternative to using designated self storage facilities. However, you’ll need to know a few things if you’re to get the most out of them.

Weight It Properly

Guide to Using a Storage Container when Moving

The order you pack your things into the storage container is going to have a huge impact on how accessible they are when you need to get them out. To this end it’s a good idea to stack your heavier, or less used items at the back of the container, while items you’re likely to need to come back for should be near the front.

The back should be where you keep your furniture, your heavier crates, plus any valuable items that you aren’t likely to need to access to – after all, if it’s harder for you to access, the same goes for any potential thieves.

That said, you want to make sure that the weight distribution is roughly equal across the floor of the container if it’s going to be moved. You don’t want it to unbalance and tip over when it’s time for the big move!

Keep Climate In Mind

Fragile items should be covered with sheets to ensure they don’t get scratched. You should also bear in mind that, being usually kept outdoors, your possessions are going to be largely open to the elements, at least temperature wise. You don’t want to put anything in there that is susceptible to damage from extreme heat or cold.

Keep Track

As you pack the storage container, make sure you keep an inventory. You want to know exactly what you’re storing in there so you don’t have to hare around the house and then go and unpack all your boxes whenever there’s something you can’t find.

The Things You Shouldn’t Store

A storage container is great for storing everything from furniture to appliances to boxes of pirate treasure, but it isn’t an all-inclusive list. You shouldn’t be using the storage container to keep animals in for the any length of time. Likewise, vehicles are something you should probably keep outside of the container, including (and I know of at least one storage company that makes a specific rule of this) hovercraft. Any materials that could be considered toxic or hazardous should also be kept out of the container.

Consider A More Permanent Storage Facility

We all have plenty of items that we want to keep hold of but also don’t actually have anywhere to keep. If you don’t have a spacious attic, cellar or garage to keep them in its worth looking into self storage facilities. From Edinburgh to Basingstoke self storage facilities are numerous, low-cost and secure. And you can always return when you need to collect your belongings.

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